Wait a Minute

Just like cursive handwriting, I fear that learning patience is being thrown by the wayside, thanks to the phenomenal advances with technology. Just ask Gun's and Roses, all you need is a little patience. In my day you had to wait.  Wait to get a letter, wait to get a phone call, wait in line to buy concert tickets.  Now everything is at our finger tips, it is fast, cheap and plentiful.  It is challenging to even remember a life with out texting, mobile GPS or instant downloads. I am very glad that my generation still got to experience the pain of waiting.  I feel patience is becoming a lost art, like macramé or manners. 
having two teenagers  has provided me with first hand what this tech savvy culture has done to these mini humans.  I mean, seriously, experience an internet outage for a few hours and you would think Armageddon has arrived.  There have been a few times that I have forgotten to pay the Mediacom bill and the texts and phone calls that I received while at work were straight up hilarious. 
Mom, call home immediately!
Why?   What happened? 
The cable's out and so is the internet, so I can't even watch Netflix :( 
Read a book, color a picture, clean your room; it will be okay.
You're so unfair.
I know.
And so it goes.  On the other hand technology has made it easier to connect.  Kid's these days can reach out and talk to each other easier because sometimes it is less stressful to text, type or Skype than to speak directly to someone else.  I know that had I had access to the internet as teenager, I would have been able to deal with my sexuality a lot easier and probably would have come out much earlier,dramatically altering  my life as I know it today. The community that the internet has fostered, to enact social change; such as, ending bullying, supporting LGBT youth or fundraising to support artist world wide has been amazing, almost unbelievable.

Technology has allowed us to see into the homes of other cultures thousands of miles away.  It has allowed us to come together and build more of a global community and for that I am glad my children have instant access.  We are definitely in a new age.  The world seems to be moving faster than we can catch up with.  Connecting is great, easy access is wonderful; which is probably why crotch-less panties will never go out of style.  I just hope this generation can still learn to smell the flowers, but I shouldn't worry, I'm sure there will be an app for that.