Here Kitty Kity

Did you know that "crafting with cat hair" is a thing?  Seriously.  I watched a cable program where  middle aged, white woman gather at a different house every week, bring their collection of harvested cat hair and sit in a circle and craft. No lie.  So for real, it's almost Soul-4-Real, remember that group.  Ooh.  Candy Rain, that was my jam.  Truth.  That was also the summer I watched Poetic Justice at least a thousand times and thought I understood what it meant to be black. However, as bad as that was, it can't be nearly as "affected" as saving hair from a living creature and crafting with it!  It made me think of serial killers and law and order episodes.  I understood why my girlfriend reacted the way she did when she emptied my children's baby teeth into her hand, attempting to procure some Tylenol.  What?  A lot of people save teeth, its perfectly normal, they might come in handy one day.

I don't mean to judge, but I will, because that what us humans do. We judge, we weigh and balance behaviors and societal norms and make decisions on how to behave. This episode of the Crafty Kitty Club, made me realize, that this is a perfect, meow, meow, example, meow, meow, of why you should always be yourself.  Don't waste time on trying to be the version someone else envisions for you.  I mean just think about it.  If one crazy cat lady hadn't shared her dirty little secret with her crazy cat lady friend, they wouldn't have found each other.  I mean really found each other.  The world would be void of miniature fur cat magnets and collecting cat hair would just be weird. But together? Together, it's a cable masterpiece.

Which is why I don't mind if people say "female" comic or "lesbian" comic.  I understand why some cringe at the modifier.  I totally get it, but hey, in my mind it's nothing more than a filter on a search engine.  It is also the truth, I am a woman and I am a lesbian.  As long as you don't call me over drawn, I'm okay.  I mean all I really want is a platform and I'll take one wherever I can. I'm also a re-gifter, you make the connection.  Cheap asshole or motivated fiscally challenged friend?  Guess it depends on the gift.

Drop the whisker and no one gets hurt.