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Living in rural Wisconsin during the week and spending weekends in Minneapolis allowed Sarah to see from an early age that people lived life very differently. This early perspective brought out the storyteller in Sarah and she thought one day she would be the next great American author. But life had a few surprises in store. Always last to the party, Sarah came out as a late-in-life lesbian and she couldn't have been prouder. She carries that loud and proud message in all of her comedy ventures.

A ten year stint as a blackjack dealer in casinos gave Sarah a captive audience to hone her comedy chops and one day she looked at the smoke filled walls and noisy slot machines and turned in her apron and decided to go for it. Sarah earned her comedy education at The Brave New Workshop in Minneapolis, MN where she is now an instructor. Sarah produced the documentary, Project Q in 2016 and is currently producing the queer hit variety show, The Big Fat Comedy Hour at LUSH